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You can download service cards (EC), ABE and TÜV license (sample), fitting instructions and further documents as PDF.

In our archive for service cards you will find service cards for older e-no. (EG-BE) with inventory protection.

hurric_1004_kaw.pdf pdf
hurric_1004_suz.pdf pdf
hurric_1004_yam.pdf pdf
hurric_1079-1112_2.pdf pdf
hurric_1079-1112.pdf pdf
hurric_1111-05-02-12.pdf pdf
hurric_1126-31.pdf pdf
hurric_1160-61_2.pdf pdf
hurric_1160-61.pdf pdf
hurric_1191.pdf pdf
hurric_1206.pdf pdf
hurric_1207_2.pdf pdf
hurric_1207.pdf pdf
hurric_1208.pdf pdf
hurric_1209_2.pdf pdf
hurric_1209.pdf pdf
shark_1004_bmw.pdf pdf
shark_1004_kaw.pdf pdf
shark_1004_suz.pdf pdf
shark_1004_tr.pdf pdf
shark_1004_yam.pdf pdf
shark_1079-1112_3.pdf pdf
shark_1079-1112.pdf pdf
shark_1104-06-08-13-16.pdf pdf
shark_1112-07-09-03.pdf pdf
shark_1126-31.pdf pdf
shark_1201.pdf pdf
shark_1202.pdf pdf
shark_1206.pdf pdf
shark_1207_2.pdf pdf
shark_1207.pdf pdf
shark_1208.pdf pdf
shark_1209_2.pdf pdf
shark_1209.pdf pdf
shark_1219.pdf pdf

Download fitting instructions

download ABE / TÜV (sample)

Please be aware that the e-approval mark (number/letter combination) on your silencer is the solely proof of legality and you are not obligated to carry any documents along.

more information about EC type approval